Command: Logs

Using the Logs Command

cp-remote logs

Print the logs for a container in a pod.

Command Reference


Option Alias Default Description
--config Local config file. Default is .cp-remote-settings.yml within working directory.
--kube-environment-name -e The full remote environment name (e.g. project-key-git-branch).
--service -s web The service to use (e.g. web, mysql).
--since Only return logs newer than a relative duration (e.g. 5s, 2m, 3h). All logs shown by default.
--tail -1 Lines of recent log file to display. Defaults to -1, showing all log lines.


Flag Alias Default Description
--follow -f false Logs will be streamed.
--previous -p false Print the logs for the previous instance of the container if a pod exists.