Command: Sync

Using the Sync Command

cp-remote sync
cp-remote sy #alias
cp-remote push #alias
cp-remote pu #alias

The sync command will sync files and folders to the remote container.

To specify a specific remote project path use the --remote-project-path flag

cp-remote sync --remote-project-path /public/sub-folder/

Command Reference


Option Alias Default Description
--config Local config file. Default is .cp-remote-settings.yml within working directory.
--file -f Push a specific file to the pod.
--kube-environment-name -e The full remote environment name (e.g. project-key-git-branch).
--remote-project-path -a /app/ The absolute path to the remote project folder.
--service -s web The service to use (e.g. web, mysql).


Flag Alias Default Description
--delete false Delete extraneous files from destination directories.
--dry-run false Show what will be transferred without executing.
--rsync-verbose false Run rsync in verbose mode for debugging.
--yes -y false Skip warning.