Release Notes v0.1.0

New Features

  • Added init command which initialises a remote environment using a token generated by the Continuous Pipe UI. If the initialization process is interrupted and restarted by default it will continue where it left, but you can use --reset to force it to start from the beginning.

  • Added push (aka sync) command which will sync files and folders to the remote container.

  • Added pods (aka checkconnection) command which lists the pods available for the environment.

  • In order to keep the cluster credentials secret, all communications to the cluster will go through the cp kubernetes proxy by default. You can still use a direct communication by editing the .cp-remote-setting and adding the cluster credentials.

  • Allowing to override the remote path with --remote-project-path.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the URL used in the update command as was pointing the wrong URL as it stopped working once the repository was made private.

  • Fixed an issue that some user where experiencing when running the destroy and build commands in rapid succession.

  • Fixed an issue where rsync was not deleting individual folder because its contained file where excluded.

  • Fixed an issue where the full path to the logs folder (rather than the name of the folder only) was being added to the .gitignore.

Other Changes

  • The config has been split in 2, local and global. The global config is stored in the home directory ~/.cp-remote/config.yml (on linux/osx) C:\Users\{YourUserName}\.cp-remote\config.yml (on windows) contains username, api-key and the urls for cp-kube-proxy and cp-authenticator cp-river-api.

  • Local config has changed: .cp-remote-env-settings.yml to .cp-remote-settings.yml.

  • Replaced the flags --project-key and --branch-name with a single --environment flag as the 2 flags where always used as a pair to form the environment.