Release Notes v0.1.1

New Features

  • Added --interactive [-i] flag to the bash, exec and init commands.

  • The list of the public endpoints in shown in the commands watch [-wa], checkconnection [-ck] and pods [-po].

Bug Fixes

  • Fix in build comand - it was not pushing to remote when remote already existed.

  • Fix in init command - if an error occurs when git pushes to remote the init process will immediately terminate with an error.

  • Fix in exec command - it will now stream the output of the commands. This fix will allow an alternative shell to be used if bash does not exist in the remote container by running cp-remote exec -- /bin/sh.

  • Fix in .cp-remote-ignore - rsync uses its own pattern implementation rather than regex so we have replaced /\.[^/]*$ with .*, \.idea with .idea and \.git with .git. For more information about the rsync patterns refer to the section INCLUDE/EXCLUDE PATTERN RULES in the rsync manual (man rsync).

Other Changes

  • Showing all public endpoints after init has built the environment.