Release Notes v0.1.2

New Features

  • Added logs command, check the available flags using cp-remote logs --help.

  • Added --dry-run flag for watch, fetch and sync.

  • Added --rsync-verbose flag in watch, fetch and push to help troubleshooting potential issues with ignore files.

  • Allowing user to create a .cp-remote-ignore-fetch which will be included only when doing fetch. It allows the default .cp-remote-ignore file to be overridden.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix in init command - when an entire build is skipped due to filters the tide will now exit with an error instead of reporting sucess.

  • Fix in init command - when a tide failed the process was hanging rather than exiting.

Other Changes

  • More descriptive error messages when the ContinuousPipe API does not respond or it fails to return the data.

  • Printing version number at the top of the cp-remote log file.

  • watch and sync commands won’t delete files unless the flag --delete is set.