Release Notes v0.1.3

New Features

  • Update to the watch command - added rsync pattern matching emulation to limit the excessive amount of times rsync was called. It handles / (anchoring), *, **, + and -. Any other rsync pattern rules is still valid but will be handled directly by rsync.

  • Update to the init command - the token argument is persisted in the local configuration file which allows destroy and init to be run again at a later stage without having to resupply the token.

  • Update to the bash and exec commands - the TERM environment variable will be set on the remote pod shell.

  • Update to the pods command it will now display the namespace, name, ready, status, restart, age, ip address and cluster node.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix on the Windows version of the client - CRLF was not parsed correctly so when the user was asked a question the answer was always invalid.

  • Fix in build command - once the build was completed the value of init-status was not being set to “completed”.

  • Fix in init command - the --remote-name flag value was not being saved in the config and therefore was always defaulting to “origin”.

  • Fix in the logic that determines the target pod - it was not filtering by running status.

  • Fix in watch on linux and windows - root project directory was being skipped by the watcher

Other Changes

  • checkupdates, ckup will now fetch updates from an AWS S3 bucket, giving faster download speed.